Electrifying Hertz

Hong Kong has taken a hugely positive step towards addressing carbon emissions as Hertz moves forward and up. The rental car company in August this year added electric vehicles to their rental fleet. Due to China’s resistance to recognising international driver’s licenses and permits these cars are offered with an optional chauffeur service.

Hertz has started renting two E6 midsize sedans each in three of the major Chinese cities; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. These specific cars have recently come off the assembly lines of BYD, a rechargeable battery manufacturer and automaker based in Shenzhen. MidAmerican Energy Holdings run by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, took close to 10% stake in BYD three years ago. Hertz plans to have 25 to 30 electric cars available for rent by the end of this year, General Electric will supply many of the charging stations for the cars, but the exact number of stations has not yet been determined.


Author: Jacqueline Freer

For Green College Online

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