Easy DIY Wedding Fairy Lights

So, your wedding day is in the midst of being planned and you are wondering how to add a little something extra and what to do with your fairy lights. The internet is crammed with page upon page of fairy light concepts for weddings. I have chosen my three favorites, two of which I am going to be using for our wedding day. Here are my DIY fairy light picks that are absolutely beautiful, bound to add a bounty of magic and light up your life on your wedding day:

Hanging Fairy Lights

Create a wedding wonderland dripping with fairy lights. A stunning night time touch of ambiance. Fairy lights hung from and strung over branches, beams, and ceilings add a wow factor to your dinner. Strings rather than wire strings of fairy lights are recommended for hanging both indoors and outdoors on your wedding day.

Fairy Light Trees

Low-cost high beauty DIY centerpieces with a touch of magic that is perfect for the dinner tables. Light up the evening and add a little extra detail for a special reception. Forget the mess of table top candelabras and wax tea lights that are not only a fire hazard but it’s not worth the hassle to keep them topped up. There will be more than enough to do on the day without candles getting in the way. Silver or copper wire fairy lights would work best for this.

Bottles of Fairy Lights

Another simple but effective DIY fairy light idea for your wedding. You could scatter them around as lanterns in the garden or put them on your reception dinner tables, either way, it is absolutely beautiful with the glass that shines up with the shimmering lights. It is low cost and a great way of recycling glass your jam jars and bottles. 


Buy Your Fairy Lights from The In Thing

The In Thing based in the Mother City of Cape Town has amazing products for events, parties, and home decor. Amongst the treasure on the shelves at The In Thing you will find a range of fairy lights which will be perfect for your wedding day. Whether you just need a touch of light ambiance or if you want your evening to be dazzled with fairy lights The In Thing has the very thing for you. Visit The In Thing Online Store and select from a range of stunning fairy lights for your wedding including wire lights that are easy to manipulate & keep their shape but can be gently straightened out again with ease.

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  1. Do you have led trees?

    • Hi Lesley

      We’ll be posting shortly about how to make your own LED trees =)

      Get in touch with The In Thing for your LED supplies.

    • Hi Lesley

      We’ll be posting shortly about how to make your own LED trees =)

      Get in touch with The In Thing for your LED supplies.

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