The Deed of Deciding On A New Tattoo

I’m a girl with a fair amount of my body covered in ink. In my case, I add little by little to a bigger whole, it all plays a part in the same story. It takes time and over the years I have learned a couple of things. Whether you’re deciding on your next tattoo,  maybe you’re getting your first, or perhaps you’re covering up that past mistake; there are some important things to keep in mind. Here are a few quick tips for deciding on your upcoming ink:

Thought & Time: Look online for styles and designs along the lines of what you are looking for and speaking to who you are. Email these or print them out as references for your artist. Take your time, make sure you are sure. Choose something that means something to you and is truly personal. Be responsible and think before you ink, never get a tattoo when you’re drunk and just not thinking at your best. You do not want to land up with ink that you do not want and will require damage control, not to mention that alcohol thins the blood, so, you’ll bleed more and healing is often not the best.

Trust Your Artist: Do your research, don’t be impulsive, choose an artist that comes highly recommended and is known for work that is in line with the style of tattoo you want. Chat to a few artists before making a choice and an appointment. If you plan on getting more than one tattoo, or if it will take a number of sessions for you to finish the piece, it is best to connect with your artist on some level. You don’t have to select your tattoo from a shop book or wall of pre-designed tattoos that the in-store artists could do with their eyes closed. Work with your artist in creating something unique and a true one of a kind.

Don’t Be Cheap: Because you found an artist who is cheap it doesn’t mean that they are good or using the best possible inks. A tattoo is forever and a cover-up or laser will only cost you more. Quality skills and experience often doesn’t come cheap and is more often than not the better choice of artist.

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