Controlling Restaurant Food Costs

Anyone who has been in the restaurant industry for a number of years, can attest to the trials and tribulations that come along with this passion driven career. For many new restaurant owners, profits are rarely seen in the first few years of operations. For those who are in the process of purchasing one of the many exciting establishments for sale with BC Franchising Consultants, here are some tips and tricks for controlling the food costs of your restaurant in keeping your menu profitable.

Consistent Portion Control – Serving smaller portions can significantly change food costs. Smaller portions stop your customer from taking home half of their meal and thus half of your inventory. Thus allowing your kitchen to go through less food during service. Training your staff to know exactly how much protein, vegetables and starch goes on each and every dish is vital.

Reducing Food Wastage – Training your staff to not waste food is vital for restaurants that focus on high-cost menu items as well as perishable food such as seafood. Instead of throwing away bones and off cuts of meat, use it to make a beautiful stock. Ordering perishable meats and other short shelf life items on a daily basis can also limit the amount of food going off in the kitchen.

Tracking Food Costs and Inventory Control – Tracking food costs on a daily basis is very important in order to keep a tight control on kitchen expenses. By monitoring food costs, owners are able to track what is not selling and what is selling more. Although this is a rather flexible system – it helps for restaurants to ensure that costs are on track and inventory is not being ordered when it is not needed.

Well Trained Staff – Well trained staff can drastically improve your control of food costs. Staff should be trained to utilize off cuts of meat and vegetables to avoid wastage. They should also be trained to undertake a thorough inventory check on a daily basis as well as understand the importance of portion size for each dish.

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