Beautiful Breakfasts

breakfastRaith Gourmet caters for all – breakfasts, light bites, lunches, dinner, catering and picnics as well as fabulous deli counters with traditional meats and cheeses, a bakery corner and a shop with local and German preserves and confectionary.

If you are in the mood for something stunning to start your day with, Raith Gourmets breakfasts stands in high recommendation. With stunning breakfast options such as “Bavarian” Weisswurst with a brezel and sweet mustard, available on the weekends or the Farm Stall Favorite – eggs cooked exactly how you like them, sausage – either beef or pork, bacon, tomato and toast. Or another option is the Gourmet omelette, with a choice of three toppings – ham, mushrooms, tomato, onions, cheese or bacon. You can also have your omelette fried in truffle butter for only an extra R10.

Another popular favourite is Raith Gourmets Best Benedict – stunning poached eggs on a homemade potato rosti with traditional gypsy ham topped with Hollandaise sauce. A sure fire way to set you up for a great day.

BREAKFAST1Raith Gourmet also has a Banting Breakfast. Poached eggs on sautéed spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and gypsy ham, drizzled with rich Hollandaise sauce. Great for those who are looking to cut out the carbs and sugar. You can also exchange the ham with stunning salmon gravid lax.

If you are looking for something light for breakfast, why not try one of Raith Gourmets filled fresh croissants? Bacon, scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes, toasted lightly makes the perfect breakfast. Or try the salmon croissant with scrambled eggs, Norwegian salmon, snipped chives topped with a delicious mustard dill sauce – absolutely delicious.

If your on a healthy kick and looking for something nutritious and filling, you could try the muesli jar with seasonal fruit, low fat yoghurt and honey – sweet and delicious, yet low fat and nutritious.

Whatever you like to eat to start your day, start it the right way at Raith Gourmet.

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