Balancing Career & Life in The City

City life has a reputation for being busy. There’s a trick to balancing all the elements of life when living in the city. The city offers a span of events, concerts, musical affairs, stage plays, ballets, and trendy places to meet, eat and play – stuff to do for kids, for work, with friends and family. With so much going on, so many places to see, and people to meet, life is a rush and balancing career with social life, love, and family can be a real challenge. Here are a few practical tips for how to keep on top of a busy city lifestyle.

Personal Calendar: Keep track of social, school, and work commitments with an easy to access and easy to share Google Calendar. It is perfect for couples, students, and professionals. Google Calendar is free tool for managing your time. It’s an amazing online solution that is simple to sync with your mobile phone, so, you can manage your calendar and add appointments from anywhere. Keeping a calendar ensures you don’t double book yourself. An effective tool and practical solution to managing your downtime, social time, family time, and career.

Make Use of a To Do List: The most successful people keep notebooks, journals, and simple to-do lists. A “To Do List” is a quick action concept used through the centuries by royals and bakers, traders and dressmakers alike. Centuries of practice and proven results just can’t be wrong. A to-do list that is kept updated by adding new items and striking out the old can help to establish priorities and assist in the process of focusing on one thing at a time. The practice of keeping a day-to-day to-do list helps you to get things done and stay on top of your personal, family and career-related daily tasks.

Don’t Over Commit Socially: Downtime is important, so, don’t make the mistake of over-committing to social engagements. Take time out at home sleeping, watching Netflix, browsing through YouTube, reading an ebook or a paperback, spending time gardening, making music, or whatever takes your fancy. Time in your own space alone or with the family is as important as sleeping, eating, and breathing. It helps one to regroup and think things through, turn off, and tune into the world around you. If you do commit socially try stick to the plan, make the effort to be on time, and don’t cancel at the last minute because you are stretched thin. Continually not pitching without notice means that you’ll soon stop receiving intimate social invites to private affairs. Don’t commit to one affair and cancel only to commit to another. Essentially no one likes being disappointed, let down, or stood up time and time again.

Stick to a Personal Budget: With city life comes an endless stream of places to be and stuff to do, with so much going on it is important to keep a monthly budget and plan how you spend your money to avoid overspending when it comes to the cost of entertainment, vacations,  career courses, school fees, and new technology, dinners, Friday after work drinks, and other adventures. Manage your money and life becomes more manageable.

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