3 Tough Start-Up Lessons

Many people who have been negatively affected by the restaurant industry will tell you that they wish that they knew just how tough the industry was before diving straight into it. The food culture in South Africa is taking off fast and competition is extremely tough. Here are some of BC Franchising Consultants Western Cape top three start-up lessons that any first time restaurant owner needs to know.

  1. Know Who Your Customers Are – Having a targeted audience can help your restaurant thrive. By targeting your marketing efforts and in store offerings, you have more chance of appealing to that specific audience. By not targeting your efforts to a specific clientele, your efforts will end up scattered and vague. Through trying to appeal to the masses you will end up appealing to no one.
  2. Live Up to Your Promises – As a restaurant, food is the most important facet of your establishment. New customers will not return if they do not receive food that is up to the standards advertised on the menu. If you are promising your customers the best pizza in town, then you have to deliver the best pizza in town. Every new customer walking in the door is a chance to show off your establishment and they should be treated as such.
  3. Stay Organized – Make sure to stay on top of the day to day operations of your establishment. Keeping organized will avoid situations such as a shortages of kitchen stock and mistakes in the staffing schedule. An unorganized owner will create discord throughout the business. If you have a manager running the day to day operations of the business, then check in with him daily to make sure that everything is running as it should.

BC Franchising Consultants Western Cape offer start-up restaurants services the likes of business plans, property services, application assistance, lease agreements and acquisitions assistance. In addition, if you are not interested in building your restaurant from the ground up, BC Franchising has a number of great established restaurants for sale. Contact Niel Stanford with BC Franchising Consultants today for more information on services offered and establishments for sale.

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