3 Strike Popularity with B@1

8733734566_8d0f09be3d_zAlways moving with the changes, and loving everything delicious, B@1 Urban Cafe has introduced the Slider craze to our menu, in the form of a 3 Strike Slider. The history of this tiny burger sandwich is as rich as they are tasty, and their recent popularity is just a spike in the evolution of the much debated “Mini Sandwich”.

If you have not heard of a slider, the phenomenon surprisingly began with the very first fast food chain in America, who started out selling these small burgers in the 1940’s at five cents apiece. Time Magazine has since named this first rendition of the slider the most influential burger of all time. There is healthy debate in the food industry, or rather food blogger industry, about the distinction between a slider and a mini burger.

A slider is at once a hamburger and, yet, something more. Having 3 of them, well, thats good for a lot of things. You can share them. You can get a taste of 3 different options en route to choosing your favourite. The size is perfect for when you just can’t handle a giant burger. When, even though you have a hankering for that juicy patty goodness, we all know that at B@1, the burgers are referred to as “beefy beef” for a reason.

Call it what you like, B@1 Urban Cafe has perfected the art of the 3 Strike Slider, offering 3 variations of slider sized gourmet burgers in true B@1 style. It is said that the popularity for sliders grew as did the love for things like tapas and shared plates with flexible portions.

Although the origin of the term slider is unclear, and has changed form substantially over the years, it has shown that it is certainly not a fad but almost a guarded secret that only the best take a chance in creating and sharing once perfected. Who else would tackle such a challenge than the talented taste makers at B@1 Urban Cafe

Next time you find yourself strolling down Bree Street, stop in at number 22 for a 3 Strike Slider experience that is out of this world. If this happens to be on a First Thursday evening, we suggest you call 021 421 9171 and make a booking to secure your spot.

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