2015 Restaurant Trends

As the craziness of 2014 quickly reaches its ending, restaurateurs and research firms are already starting to think of the imminent future of the restaurant industry.  The South African Restaurant industry is unique in that the offers at all the top restaurants differ. Each top chef has their own take on trends and traditions and everyone is striving to offer what the next restaurant is not. BC Franchising Consultants Western Cape brings you the South African Restaurant trends for 2015.

  1. Sustainability – Having gained a large momentum in the latter half of 2014, 2015 will see many South African chef’s move towards using ingredients sourced through sustainable methods. Every part of the animal and vegetable will also be considered highly important, leaning towards new, innovative and exciting dishes making an appearance in many top South African restaurants.
  2. Locality – 2015 will also bring with it a much larger use of locally sourced ingredients. Proudly South African products and ingredients have gained a large following in the recent years, with this not seeing a decline in the next year. Local craft beers and wines will also be making more of an appearance on the beverage menu.
  3. Traditional Culinary Revival – Local traditional cooking methods will see a revival during 2015. Ingredients such as sand dune spinach, seaweed and ferns will be making more of an appearance on various South African menus.
  4. Healthier Eating – Many restaurants have already started moving towards healthier options on their menu or even a healthier menu altogether. Establishments such as the Banting Kitchen and Hard Pressed Cafe have established their restaurant around this craze. South African food lovers can expect to see a larger move towards healthier eating in 2015.

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