2015 Restaurant Tech Trends

The Restaurant industry is ever changing and evolving to incorporate new trends and techniques in both gastronomy and technology. 2015 promises to bring with it many new and exciting trends in South Africa. BC Franchising brings you an insight into what is up and coming in the tech world for the South African Restaurant Industry.

Tablet Ordering – For those who have had the opportunity to travel to Europe and America they would have had the opportunity to see the beginning of the introduction of tablets into restaurants. Although in some of the top restaurants in South Africa tablets have mainly been entrusted to the waitrons, in 2015 we can expect an increase in ordering off of a tablet yourself. This will bring with it an increase in service proficiency. For restaurant owners it will also lessen table turnover time thus increasing profits.

Online Ordering – This trend has gained some real traction in the South African restaurant industry during 2014 and is expected to increase during 2015. Ordering online allows for quicker service and a convenient way for keeping customers happy. Online ordering is useful for fast casual restaurants such as McDonalds or KFC. Developments such as app developments can also be expected in the online ordering arena. Thus allowing customers to order before they get to the restaurant – avoiding queues.

Apple Pay – In America and Europe Apple Pay has widely spread as a way in which to pay for your order and create a personalized experience. Data is collected from customers orders – thus allowing the application to remember customer names and their previous orders. We can expect this to enter the South African market in the near future.

With such innovative technology on the horizon, it is an exciting time to be apart of the restaurant industry in South Africa. BC Franchising Consultants Western Cape have some great establishments for sale. Contact Niel Stanford with BC Franchising Consultants for more information.

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