10 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Service

The restaurant industry is an extremely competitive one. If your customer does not receive the best service, food and atmosphere from the second that they walk in the door, chances are they will try a different restaurant the next time they go for dinner. Here are some useful and handy tips on improving your service and getting more customers walking through your door.

Know what great service is – Many restaurants operate without a training guide or service guide. This creates a sense of disjointedness in the service delivered at a restaurant. One of the most vital parts of creating exceptional service is to make sure that your staff and managers operate under strict guidelines, creating unity in service and experience.

Constant Motivation – Building a culture of excellent service does not happen overnight and it takes constant staff motivation to keep on pushing the ethic of exceptional service. Staff meetings are great tools in which you can motivate your staff and they should be held regularly.

Hand Pick Your Staff – Many people underestimate the presence of their staff. Your staff members are not merely vessels to carry food from the kitchen to the tables; they are the face of your establishment. Hand picking you staff to fit in line with your establishment’s service ethos is important and could make or break your restaurant.

Get Involved – As a restaurant owner you should not be afraid to be front of house greeting your customers and ensuring that they are happy. Customers appreciate that level of effort and service and it leaves a lasting impression. Make sure you address complaints yourself and in a positive manner.

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